Thursday, July 26, 2007

Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This what happens when you have a too much time on your hands. But you have to admit he go skills.
*notice the green bracelet, and the purple ring pop ring.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A look back: Slum VS '05

With the decline of quality mainstream Hip Hop nowadays, I have been listening to a lot more stuff that I would have overlooked before. And I'm so glad I have because I might have discovered what I believe to be the best album of 05, being a year that consisted of both Kanye and 50's sophmore efforts and newcomers suchs as Game and Jeezy.

The album i'm talking about is Slum Village's self-titled release. If your not already familiar with them, I urge you to go out and buy this album along with Fantastic Vol. 1&2. Here is a brief little review I found while doing some research on the album:

"Slum Village has gone through a lot of revamping over the years. It all started with Jay Dee, Baatin, and T3 on their debut release Fantastic, Vol. 2 (there was no Volume 1, although some point to their demo as the first installment.) The collective continued with Elzhi joining the group (after losing super producer Jay-Dee) for Trinity: Past, Present, and Future. The group finally manifested to just T3 and Elzhi for Detroit Deli (now missing the schizophrenic Baatin). Fighting to stay in the game and keep the Slum Village name relevant, they release Prequel To A Classic in early 2005. By this point, they've discovered their direction and purpose and are ready to start all over again to validate their existence. The rock-solid duo release their self titled Slum Village album in hopes of doing just that.

"Multiply" resurrects the signature Slum Village sound that Fantastic, Vol. 2 fans will appreciate the most. "Set It" is an upbeat track that promises to make your head bob back and forth to the beat. "Call Me" features long-time collaborator Dwele singing the hook over an Isley Brother sample that is done like no other song. "05" gives a retrospective of their ongoing transformation as a group and utilizes live instrumentation for a change of pace from the norm. Slum Village dives deeper and gives even more particulars regarding their constant reconstruction with the song "Def Do Us." Other stand outs include the energetic "Ez Up," the equally upbeat "Hear This," and the poignant "Can I Be Me."

Download Here

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jay Electronica

"Jay Electronica, the person...hmm, I wouldn't even call him a person, cause he's a weird lookin' cat. His ears are kind of pointy, he has a square head. He looks kind of like he's an alien from somewhere, really. But in a very beautiful way. Like uh, like some kind of mythical creature who would have a bow & arrow on his back, with wings under that bow & arrow."
Ms. Badu

Long story short, Jay Electronica is the first artist to be signed to Erykah Badu's record label Control FreaQ. In fact, the label was created solely after Badu first heard his music. She says so on "Act 1: eternal sunshine (the pledge)", which features an intro by her and producer Just Blaze. The song itself includes Jon Brion's compositions from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind overlapping with rhymes, interviews, and soundclips from films (including the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Apparently Act 1 is the first of three, the final of which will be his full-length debut album.

Hip Hop lives in the South, I only wish artists such as Jay, Strange Fruit Project, Basic Vocab and many others got more exposure. I might have to do a post dedicated entirely to Southern artists.
The Alchemist

MySpace: Here
MP3: Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge)

Hard To Get

Common - Finding Forever

Common is back with his seventh studio album, Finding Forever, set to release July 31st on GOOD Music. I recently had the pleasure of listening to the retail, the album features guest appearances from my favorite Neo-soul singer and jazz musician Bilal, R&B virtuoso D’Angelo, and of course the man that needs no introduction: Kanye West! Speaking of which, the album was 90 percent produced by him; it also features some great work from, J Dilla, Devo Springsteen and Karriem Riggins. I really recommend this record for all those Hip-hop heads out there! Please go out and SUPPORT him, when the album drops! Maybe there is still HOPE for Hip Hop.

Real laid-back intro, similar to the "Game Theory" intro, setting the tone for the rest of the album.

“Start The Show”
This track is a great album opener. The beat is dark and much more dominating than most Common tracks. Common even goes out on few MC’s on this one.

“The People”
The First Single on FF "The People" begins with a chopped interplay between the sampled "Louder!" and "Yeah!" from Mountain's ultimate breakbeat jam "Long Red." Not long ago "Long Red" was sampled by J Dilla for De La Soul's "Verbal Clap" on The Grind Date. West tried to emulate Dilla the best he could on this album, and this one will be a fan favorite.

“Black Maybe (ft. Bilal)”
The title of this song was taken from a song by Stevie Wonder and Syretta Wright and is about the problems that come once you've grown out of the circumstances you were born into. Repeat Common collaborator Bilal provided the vocals on the hook.
"Kan-yezy, you's a genius my nig... (c) Jay-Z "Lucifer""

“I Want You”
One of the reviews said it was weak and I'm generally not a fan of Will.I.Am's production, but he has been coming with some heat suprisingly lately, and this is no different. The beat and hook are smooth, especially when it changes towards the end. I think it interpolates the same song as Big Pooh's "On My Mind".

“Southside (ft. Kanye West)”
I really hope he releases this as single, because it has the potential to blow. I love the back and forths w/ Kanye and Common with plenty of witty lyricism, plus the beat is immense.

“Drivin’ Me Wild (ft. Lilly Allen)”
I’m a huge fan of both artist but at first I did think a track with Lily Allen could potentially have been awful. For the first few seconds I was wondering where the beat was going, but as soon as the hook came in everything just seems to gel. This song is hypnotic, and very creative. Got that real addictive vibe to it; The type of track you can just put on repeat and it flows together like it's just one long song.
*I will probably do a piece on Lilly in the near future, so be on the look out.

“So Far To Go (ft. D’Angelo)”
I first heard this track on the J Dilla’s “The Shining”,, which is why this song is so disappointing to me. The beat knocks a little more which is nice, but I can't believe if he was changing the O.G verses to this and not take the song to another level - reflection on dilla's passing etc. (which the beat would be perfect for) - the title fits so nicely with the theme of the album. But it’s still a good song.

“Break My Heart”
This is the first song I’m not too crazy about, as the beat reminds me a lot of a “Film Called Pimp” off LWFC. I you can also remark the chops by Kanye on the beat, as it seems almost as if he were trying to mimic Dilla. Nothing extravagant, but still dope. I do have feeling this track will be slept on by many and loved later.

“The Game (ft. DJ Premier)”
The hardest beat on the album, it’s going to be a good performance song for him.
Ye samples Ahmad Jamal's "Swahililand" (as heard on De La Soul's "Stakes Is High") as another obvious nod to Dilla, and he also incorporates ’90s boom-bap hip-hop. The duo even brought in DJ Premier to scratch a chorus out of lines from OC's "Half Good, Half Sinner": It's only right that I address this/ You gotta be in it to win it.

Might be the dopest sample I’ve heard in a while. Produced by Devo Springsteen, West's cousin and collaborator, the song is introduced by a verse and chorus from a live Nina Simone performance of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. One of my early favorites on first few listens. The production on FF is G.O.O.D

"Forever Begins"
It has the same sort of epic feel as “It's Your World” from BE. I like how it links to the melody in the intro, and the "50 Ways" break is always a winner. Also love the military drums to afro-soul instrumental outro. Pops comes and drops some knowledge as he always does.

"Play Your Cards Right (ft. Bilal)"
This is a bonus track that can also be found on the Smoking Ace’s soundtrack. It’s a great song, but I already had this played out months ago.

*Personal Favorites: Black Maybe, Misunderstood, Drivin’ Me Wild
The Alchemist

Download Here

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gorilla Zoe-Hood Nigga (video)

I been on this song for a lil minute now. The Video finally dropped so have a look.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DJ Big Mike & The Empire - Lil Wayne & Jadakiss: The Drought is Over 3 - Who Is The Predator

1.Lil Wayne-I Am The Predator (Intro)
2.Lil Wayne & Currency-My House
3.Lil Wayne-Pray To The Lord
4.Lil Wayne-Screwed Up
5.Lil Wayne-Dear Lord
6.Lil wayne & Bun B-Tell Me You Need Me
7.Lil Wayne-Killing Me
8.Lil Wayne-Why Im The Predator (Interlude)
9.Lil Wayne-Im Raw
10.Lil Wayne-White Girl
11.Lil Wayne-Party Like A Rockstar
12.Lil Wayne-Beat Without Bass
13.Lil Wayne-Uh Oh
14.Jadakiss-I Am The Predator (Intro)
15.Jadakiss-Whipe Me Down
16.Jadakiss-A Bay Bay
18.Jadakiss-Take It Down South
19.Jadakiss-In The Ghetto
20.Jadakiss- G Shit
21.Jadakiss & Sheek-Its Me Bitches
22.Jadakiss-Last Dayz
23.Jadakiss-The Preadtor Is Back
24.Jadakiss-Havoc Shit
25.Jadakiss-Wall To Wall
26.Jadakiss-Classic Freestyle Pt.1
27.Jadakiss-Classic Freestyle Pt.2

Mixtape cover and concepts are outta control. I haven't listened to the joint simply bc weezy is EVERYWHERE!!!! wtf? and kiss, well idk what to say about kiss.

And yes, I do have the mixtape for yall pirates out there haha

Get it here:

DJ Big Mike & The Empire - Lil Wayne & Jadakiss: The Drought is Over 3 - Who Is The Predator


Monday, July 2, 2007

Supreme Summer Tee's

Another hit of Supreme tees will be hitting Supreme and affiliated stores soon. And In perfect timing for the Summer heat especially as we write this on a hot and muggy day. The new tees include the Miles Davis tee that was preview a short while back. Skull Skates a brand out of Regina, Canada worked on the the Skulls tee featuring 90’s hiphop photos. Via Honeyee Fashion

Supreme New York

New New Balance

The Concepts x New Balance shoes are dropped this Saturday, June 30th in limited numbers and there will be a matching tee to go with the shoes. Cop ‘em at the Concepts store in Boston.

37 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
TEL #: 617-868-2001

New Balance


Beyonce, Jay, Kanye & Alexis.....Candidz

Yeah, Yeah....So posted up for another boring ass summer I bring to you hip-hop's two hottest couples.

But shit, WTF happened to Beyonce's Face? She gotta fix that shit ASAP!

My dawg and the wifey in England. Check it


Nelly Furtado Princess Diana Concert London, England

Nelly Furtado is a fine ass white girl! She did a pretty good performance yesterday too....Check out the footage before youtube takes the shit back.

“Say It Right” and “I’m Like A Bird.”

Check out the Prince vybin' over there....thats real.


Kanye West post performance interview.

And yall say this man is wack? lol, fucking idiots....

This is just one nigga, "rappers" need to learn from

Mr.West killed the show yesterday and I'm not surprised. Check out my boy Kanye To Da...

Oh, so like I've been saying.....DON'T ACT LIKE I NEVER TOLD YOU!


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Killer Mike on Rap and Hip-Hop.....pretty good

Real nigga talk...